Pains Cured after Motorcycle Accident

I was involved in a motorcycle accident and had intense unbearable pain in my neck and upper back. I was unable to move my neck.  This pain made simple tasks like walking, sitting, and sleeping impossible without pain.  It restricted most of my movements and made me depressed, stressed and sick overall.

The medical doctor prescribed pain killers and antibiotics which I had to take four times a day.  Unfortunately this only reduced the pain for about half an hour. Also the drugs made me drowsy and “drugged”. He also recommended a neck brace (cervical collar) which made the pain worse.  The collar restricted my movement, worsened the pain overtime and caused it to spread to my shoulders, back and chest.

Once Dr. Taylor explained what was going on and started adjusting my misalignments slow improvement started after only two visits!!  After four adjustments the pain started to reduce tremendously.  I was then able to move my neck and shoulders without limitations after about six adjustments.  Miraculously, the pain quickly went away and my normal movement could continue.  Stretching exercises recommended by Dr. Taylor also helped to improve the flexibility of my neck and strengthen the muscles.  After about 10 adjustments the pain was gone!!

I feel totally “cured”.  The little bit of discomfort is no longer due to the accident.  Instead it is there from day to day imbalances that brought on my being unaware.  Thank you, thank you Dr. Janet for saving my life!!

Lisa Valmond


Avoided shoulder surgery

Sometimes you just have to take a Quantum Leap to get what you want!  Patricia came to Dominica from Barbados upon recommendation of one of Dr. Taylor’s Antiguan patients.

A seven day healing program was agreed upon due to the fear of shoulder surgery.  Patricia saw many professionals in Barbados but none took the time nor the comprehensive care that Dr. Taylor provided.  The seven day program addressed body, mind and spirit.  Patricia received much inspiration and at the end of the intensive was given self-help techniques to continue her positive progress upon returning to Barbados and her business.  Patricia would gladly recommend anyone  with any dysfunctional body parts to see Dr. Taylor!


After only two adjustments, I felt a difference

“I found Dr. Taylor in the yellow pages because I knew a chiropractor could help my occasional lower back pain.  But even more important than that, I was having trouble with balance/co-ordination which restricts much of what I am able to achieve in the way of work and daily routines.

During the initial consultation a surface electromyelogram (muscle scan) was performed and a report given where I found out my head wasn’t on straight!!  Perhaps this was a result of the many treatments I had of chemo and radiation for cancer of the tongue and being fed through a feeding tube during that time.

After only two adjustments, I felt a difference in my back. Dr. Taylor then performed some muscle testing which showed imbalances in my hips, low back and shoulders.  She calls them “flat tires” and explained how to “pump them back up” using neurolymphatic massage points which I can do on my own.  Once these were rebalanced Dr. Taylor showed me movements and exercises to help me with my co-ordination.  I am faithful about doing my exercises and massage points and these along with the adjustments have made a great difference in my lifestyle.  Thank you Dr. Taylor for your care and expertise.”

Liz Keetch


No heel pain for the first time in months

“Dr. Janet is my cousin and I was delighted to have her visit me here in Florida during April 2012.  I confided in her that I had been suffering with heel pain for over six months.  This led me to try many things for relief, including several visits to a podiatrist who took x-rays and gave me shots but still I had heel pain.

I sometimes couldn’t get out of bed in the morning.  Both feet didn’t step flat on the floor.  I was actually walking on the outside of my feet to move about and this made my back hurt and the muscles in my neck cramp.  I felt like I was “falling apart!” Finally surgery was recommended but I was adamant not to go that route if at all possible.

Janet explained to me that heel pain often comes from the back being out of alignment (who would guess?). One orthopedist I saw mentioned that I had a partially herniated disc in my lumbar (L5) vertebrae.  Once Janet explained that a disc can irritate a nerve and where the L5 nerve travelled, it all started to make sense.

Then she spent the rest of her week giving me adjustments, muscle balancing, therapeutic exercises, nutritional advise, massage, proper sleep postures, and self-help tools to relieve the sciatic nerve which, (you guessed it) runs all the way down the leg to the foot.!!!

I am amazed at her dedication, knowledge, and skill and am happy to report I do not have heel pain for the first time in months and have resumed my walking routine!  My husband has become a believer in the beneficial effects of chiropractic care also and we are now attending a family wellness practice near our home and are on our way to greatly improved health and quality of life.

I highly recommend contacting Dr. Janet as she has a keen interest in helping everyone she meets to expand their knowledge and begin a more healthy life-style.  I certainly am grateful myself for her loving care.”

Mary Christianson


Patient with severe immobility can walk

Renmark Johnson is a walking miracle indeed! When he first came to Dr. Taylor, he was in severe, excruciating pain in his left hip thus affecting his leg. He came in with a walking stick. It was extremely painful to walk or stand.

After Renmark’s sixth visit to Dr. Taylor he felt a vast, great improvement in his mobility.  He no longer needed the walking stick anymore.  Now he is pain free and stays that way with a maintenance schedule of care 2 times a month.

“I don’t need the stick anymore.  I highly recommend Dr. Janet and chiropractic care.  I will tell everyone about her and the great success I have had with it.”

Renmark Johnson


Persistent cough is gone

For years, Milutine coughed incessantly which caused severe chest pains thus limiting her from social gatherings and other daily activities.

Excess medication and injections could not relieve this situation.

Her son became a patient of Dr. Janet and referred his mother. About one month of receiving chiropractic care, she felt an overall tune up had happened on her body.

“I feel brand new again. There would not have been any form of medication that would have made me feel so good. My embarrassing cough is gone. Chiropractic worked for me!”

Milutine Jervier


Full body pain healed

Vanesca’s brother referred her to Dr.  Janet due to all the wonderful results he had received from chiropractic care. Vanesca suffered from great discomfort in her waist, thighs, legs, shoulders and chest. Sitting, standing and lying down became a chore causing continuous stressful days and sleepless nights.  X rays and medication were of no help.

When Vanesca first started chiropractic care she was not sure whether she should continue care because it seemed expensive but now she has such a feeling of wellness in such a short space of time. She feels that it was all worth the cost.

“Today I am getting stronger and healthier both physically and emotionally. Dr Taylor has done me well. I am so much better.”

Vanesca Toussaint


My pain has subsided

Julius suffered with excessive pain and swelling of his legs. He tried all kinds of doctors but nothing eased his discomfort. “This situation made me depressed and angry with friends and family,” he remarked.

After months of pain, a good friend suggested Dr. Taylor to him.  After two weeks of chiropractic care he claimed that there was improvement. To him it was a miracle!

“My pain has subsided. I am mobile.   Most of the symptoms are gone and I am able to be independent again. I have better movement, just a bit of numbness in my toes, but I can now work. I will always tell others about this lady ‘Dr. Taylor’ and what she did for me.”

Julius Harve

Painter, musician, caterer

After 5 years of searching for a remedy, I feel normal again.

“It started back in 2007.  I felt a dull pain in my back when I angled my neck. So I went for a massage one day, thinking it would help. The masseuse said to me ‘you have a muscle knot’.  With that she proceeded to try to knead the knot out.  After leaving the spa I felt worse than when I came.  I swore to myself massages were the devil and I’d never have another done!

In 2008 my pain worsened to the point that I had to wear a neck brace to stabilize the movement of my neck. My medical doctor sent me for an X-ray which revealed I had slight scoliosis.  Got pain killers then and went home.  The pain came back even more intense, so I went back to the doctor and insisted that I get an MRI done. So I did and the results came back perfect. There was nothing wrong. By this time I was frustrated as I knew there was something wrong with me.

In 2009 I could not walk up a flight of stairs or I’d be out of breath and exhausted. I would feel extremely tired even when I would just wake up. I was sent for a CAT scan of my back which concluded that I was ok. Yet again I was given pain killers and sent home.

In  2010 I began having heart palpitations, anxiety attacks and a series of other mystery symptoms which ranged from light-headedness, numb limbs and memory loss. I visited yet another doctor who told me it was all in my mind.  And another who did an echocardiogram and said my heart was fine.

In 2011 the mystery symptoms, the pain, etc. left for 2 months. But they came back in full force.  This time the pain, which started from my back was now also moved to my chest, and excruciating, especially in the mornings. I did acupuncture which helped the back pain but my chest pain remained.

I would cry for how frustrated and exhausted both physically and emotionally I was. At the age of 24 I could not play with my two daughters, yet how I wanted to. Getting out of bed seemed like a huge task. Fatigue plagued me.  I was stressed and depressed but wore a smile every moment and accepted that this is what is. However, mentally I had given up.

I changed my doctor, yet again, hoping that this one would find something, as I am aware that pain signifies something is wrong. She ran a series of blood tests.  After the results came back and she ruled out everything, she then said ‘I want you to see a chiropractor, Dr.  Janet Taylor, for your back as I had a similar situation personally and she remedied my issue.  Book to see her when she comes back to Antigua’. I nodded thinking that this was going to be another ‘there is nothing wrong with you session’.

So I booked to see Dr Taylor. She had a warm welcoming persona. I was greeted by smiles which made me feel really comfortable. I explained to her my issue over the past couple of years and then she asked a series of questions. Most importantly she asked ‘did you ever have an accident?’  I said yes! I did have an accident in June of 2007 and my problem began in November of 2007. She then replied ‘you have a rib cage misalignment.’

I was shocked, happy and afraid all at the same time. Finally someone identified the cause of my pain! I’m not crazy and it isn’t all in my mind! She explained in full how she was going to correct it and did a computerized muscle scan (SEMG) to see which areas were affected.

The first visit she aligned my head, spine, hips and ribs. I felt a difference immediately after it was done.  The second day I came back for my follow up visit with almost no pain!!!  She made a few more adjustments. On my third visit she did the same and some muscle testing. I had barely any pain to talk about!!!

After 5 years of searching for a remedy and the root problem to my back issue, Dr. Taylor was the one who identified and rectified my problem. I actually feel normal again I can wake up without taking pain killers to get through my day! I can twist my neck to the sides with no pain.  I can sleep peacefully and the list goes on and on.

Thank you Dr. Taylor.  I cannot express how grateful I am having met you. You are indeed one in a million. You are the best!!

Blessings, best wishes and love,   Danielle Browne”

Danielle Brown

Mother of Two

Performance improved with chiropractic

Job is one of Dominica’s famous heavy weight boxers and has suffered severe joint pain for years. He also couldn’t sleep deeply.

His wife Miranda referred him to Dr. Taylor when he was experiencing sciatica down the right leg.

Within only 2 weeks of care,  his sleeping disorder had improved and all his pains had subsided.

“Thanks to Dr. Taylor for giving me my life back”

Job Joseph

Boxer / Port Worker

Back pain resolved

Edmund started coming to the office after suffering from severe pain in his back. It was so bad that he was unable to sit or walk for more than 15 minutes. This prevented him from sleeping and functioning normally.

After the first session of chiropractic adjustments, Edmund walks with no pain, stands with much less pain and works with no pain. He now can sit and sleep with little or no pain.

Edmund’s condition is much improved and he is thankful to chiropractic for his renewed life.

Edmund Laville


Back and knee pains healed naturally

Theresa suffered from severe pains in her back radiating towards her legs and her knees. Before coming to see Dr. Taylor, Theresa used prescribed drugs from medical doctors to ease the pain but obviously never really got any complete relief.
After a series of adjustments, Theresa began to feel great improvements. Her back pain had reduced drastically and her knees felt much more flexible.

“I am happy that I choose chiropractic care “. I no longer have to take pain killers.”

Theresa Ismael


Constipation in an Infant

Hi, I’m just six months young!  I am the grand daughter of Natalie and Cecil James. I was visiting Dominica at the beginning of 2008 and my grandma took me to see Dr. Taylor, a lady that smiles a lot and really likes kids. I could tell and it made me very happy and excited.

Well I must admit I was having some problems in the elimination department. It made me uncomfortable and irritable too. Not fun!

But Dr. Taylor adjusted me– it tickled and I laughed and Natalie laughed. Now I am going to the bathroom like I am supposed to and life is just grand.

If you are having any problems with your body talk with Dr. Taylor. She is a good listener too. Even my daddy started care ……Yippee!

Baby James


Chest pain corrected

A friend referred James to Dr. Taylor after he went through the ropes of medication for severe chest pains that would prevent him from simple driving. Whenever he would sit for long periods his shoulders would feel like they were on fire.

After two weeks of chiropractic care James began to feel a great improvement in his body.

“I no longer have pain in my shoulders or chest. I recommend chiropractic care to everyone.”

B. Jervier


Dizzy spells and blackouts gone

Kendra suffered from dizzy spells and would black out every so often. She could not be left alone for too long.

After two adjustments Kendra was able to perform her sports to her full potential which she loved to do.

Kendra is happy to be off medication and injections today because of the all-natural approach of chiropractic!

Kendra Casey

School Student

Drugs didn’t work, chiropractic did.

Yoland suffered from aches and occasional pains at the neck, shoulders, back, waist, and legs. Her brother referred her to Dr Janet because of the positive results he had received from chiropractic care. Yoland had been treating her pain with pain killers, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. She only received temporary relief and just felt like giving up at times.

After about five weeks of coming to Dr. Taylor, Yoland felt a vast improvement in her body.

“My health is so much better now. Thanks to Dr. Taylor and her team my life is so much better now.”

Yoland Casimir


Foot drop corrected with chiropractic care

Vandalyn is a business woman and suffering from hip, leg and foot pain (medical term: foot drop).  Movement was difficult.

Vandalyn was referred to Dr. Taylor by a friend and after just one month of chiropractic care she is able to move much better. The coordination of her leg and foot is noticeably better too.  Although surgery was recommended for her situation, she prefers to have her nervous system functioning naturally with adjustments.

Vandalyn says, “Thank God …for the chiropractic care because now I am much better than before”.

Vandalyn Flemming

Business Woman

Developmental delay corrected

“My name is Melissa and I’d like to tell you about my daughter Taylor.  Taylor is 22 months and not walking yet. We’ve had a developmental assessment done with the diagnosis “Developmental Delay”. She is scheduled to see OT, PT, and ST one hour each per week beginning in April to try to correct the problem. While I don’t agree totally with the assessment I feel that the therapy will be beneficial.

All this has been quite a load to bear thinking my daughter might be PDDNOS (close to autistic). I alter between crying loudly in denial and sadly facing what might be reality.  Then one evening, my in-laws, Cassie and Jim, called to offer me a proposition.  The chiropractor they’ve been seeing, Dr. Janet Taylor,  is always on the cutting edge and has been using a new and innovative technique called Network Spinal Analysis. She also uses a computerized technology that shows where problems areas need correction.

Dr Janet, Jim and Cassie all thought Network would help Taylor. Since I live in another state, they wanted us to stay with them for 2 weeks while Dr. Janet adjusted Taylor at their expense. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse! From the first adjustment to Taylor, we’ve all noticed how she walks straighter, has more eye contact, says more words, plays with others and is more aware of the world around her. It’s as though she’s come out of a deep fog, she’s woken up!!!  When we return to our home Taylor will continue to see another chiropractor to work in conjunction with the therapists and Dr. Janet.

Dr Janet and Network has shown us that Taylor needn’t be labeled, she just needs adjusting.

Eternally grateful

Melissa Frye”



Retiree has new lease on life with chiropractic

Rudy had been suffering from severe neck and shoulder pains continuously .
“I could hardly get out of bed  or even drive sometimes”

He tried many, many pain killers but they didn’t seem to help. Seven visits to Dr. Taylor and “ I can get in and out of bed without pain. I feel like a new person! ”

Rudy Lafond


Young boy improves from neck and back pains

Kurvins’ parents decided to bring him in on the family plan at Dr. Janet ‘s office since his father was already a patient. Kurvin suffered with occasional neck and back pains. Two weeks of adjustments and massages brought him relief.

Generally his condition has vastly improved and Kurvin says he feels cured. He looks forward to coming to Dr. Janet ‘s office for periodic check-ups so that he can remain healthy.

Kurvin Dickson

School Student

Serious fall corrected with chiropractic care

Nelly had a terrible fall which caused great pain and as a result could not perform any of her daily activities. She visited several doctors both in Guadeloupe and Dominica costing her a fortune but they were all of no avail.

Nelly was soon introduced to Dr. Taylor. After only 1 adjustment, Nelly felt a world of improvement in her body.

“I am very happy to be back on my feet again. It‘s like I have gotten my life back. I can carry out my daily routine  pain free. Thanks Dr. Janet”

Nelly Henderson