Dr. Janet Taylor offers:

  • Wholistic Chiropractic Care in the form of adjustments, diet and nutrition, exercise and fitness, herbology, Reiki, and massage to name a few.
  • Applied Kineseology or Muscle Testing a unique biofeedback method using only your body to find the answers to your imbalances.
  • Chromotherapy Healing which uses color to bring about a higher healing vibration.
  • Top Ten Pain Releasers’ Classes consisting of 10 self-help techniques to release pain, stress, and tension.
  • Touch for Health classes designed for the lay person and giving students  many amazing healing tools for themselves, family and friends.
  • Custom-made presentations on holistic health care, stress management and more

For more information or to book an appointment please contact us:


Dominica Office +767 440 3118        Dominica cell +767 616 0173

Antigua cell +268 788 0408     U.S. cell +865 242 1023



I look forward to empowering you to take a quantum leap to wellness!


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About Me

Dr Janet TaylorI'm Dr Janet Taylor - Wholistic Chiropractor, Kinesiologist, Writer, Speaker and Wellness Warrior. I'm here to empower you to achieve optimal health and live a joyous life. Find out how I can help you.