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“Expire or inspire?  Life is about choices.  This is the story of an ordinary woman who chooses to live an extra-ordinary life.  From thinking about suicide (expire) to positively touching the lives of thousands of people in three countries (inspire).  At an early age, the author asked questions about life that many adults couldn’t answer:  Who are we?   Why are we here?  How do we stay healthy and strong?  How do we find happiness?  This inspiring adventure story takes us on a journey to follow the heart of a dream; shares how an outsider becomes and insider; looks at a woman learning to love herself; and portrays a spiritual journey of darkness into light.”

This is my life story that I invite you to share.

You can purchase my book online at Amazon.com, download the e-book HERE or get a copy directly from me either in Dominica or Antigua for only $40EC or $14.99US.

The Power Pack 10 is a full length video tutorial which shows you the 10 essential techniques of Applied Kinesiology to keep yourself balanced, happy and healthy and working in harmony with physical, mental, emotional, chemical, and spiritual energy.

Click to buy it here – $10

“The Heart of the Matter: An Inside Affair” is a 1-hour interactive workshop given by Dr. Janet S. Taylor at the Touch for Health Conference 2015.

This video contains practical demonstrations of Touch for Health techniques you can do for yourself to nurture your heart and holistic health.

Cardiovascular Disease kills over 17.5 million people a year and is the #1 cause of death worldwide.Yet, so many of the root causes of the problem are not being addressed leading people to suffer needlessly.

Watch this video to find out why:

The latest research has revealed that the nervous system has a great more to do with dysfunctional heart patterns than cholesterol.

The real revolution in the prevention and treatment of heart disease will come with an increased understanding of the role played by the parasympathetic nervous system

Healthy Heart Coherence is a major factor in maintaining a healthy heart

The elements of nature are instrumental in nurturing your heart


I know that when our hearts are healthy and we are filled with love and gratitude, we can be the change we want to see in the world.

Click to buy it here – $25

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