Hi, I’m Dr Janet Taylor. I am a U.S. Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic with 40 years experience.

I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa in 1977 and since then have been successfully treating patients using Chiropractic Care, Applied Kineseology and many other holistic health modalities.

In 2003, I took a quantum leap.  I left my home country, two adult children, family and friends, sold my chiropractic practice and moved from the U.S. to the Nature Isle of Dominica in the West Indies.

I am an adventurer, educator, public speaker and writer but most of all a “survivor”. These qualities for me, translate to “healer.” For my fourth business endeavor,  I opened the health center Quantum Leap, providing wholistic care with chiropractic, love and empowerment to  the people of Dominica. Within four years I had expanded my services to the island of Antigua as well and continue to serve both islands with knowledge, expertise and vision.

During my time in Dominica,  I have been a project manager for the launch of a wellness and eco-tourism resort where I provided yoga, massage, mud scrubs, crystal bowl Qi Gong, chiropractic care, full moon ceremonies and month long intensives of healing body, mind and spirit for guests from all over the world.  This experience and learning curve fueled my desire to physically construct other areas for continued health.  One of them is refurbishing the ruins of a sugar cane mill on my property.  I am converting it into a tea room/green house with a historical walking tour.  The teas growing within and on the surrounding grounds of the project are both medicinal and satisfying.  As the project progresses I am using the upstairs deck for yoga, health care classes, massage and of course, tea parties!

Another area in which I focus is Kid’s Day Dominica for children ages two to eight focusing on health, safety and environmental awareness.  This was an island wide community endeavor for myself and many others who joined me as co-sponsors.  In turn, I helped to launch the Dominica-Spa, Health and Wellness Association (D-SHWA) and serve on the board in the capacity of PRO and marketing. Also, as a permanent resident of Dominica,  I write a weekly health column for a local newspaper and offer Touch for Health classes on a regular basis.

For the Ministers and permanent secretaries on Dominica, teachers, local businesses and  D-SHWA, I presented an interactive workshop on Stress Management which incorporates Byron Katie’s technique “THE WORK “.  To date I continue to offer these and many other health related presentations in Antigua and Dominica.

Since I  teach people how to take care of themselves using Applied Kineseology,  my “Power Pack 10”  DVD is the perfect accompaniment to this instruction. As a speaker in Durado, Puerto Rico I demonstrated this 10 minute compilation of energy techniques that are part of my daily activity to remain healthy and pain free. The  resulting DVD was filmed in four places on Dominica and shared by me when I was the featured speaker at the annual Touch for Health Conference 2014 in Austin Texas. 

Also, desiring a connection in the  U.S. for alternative healers, I purchased a 100 year old home in Winter Haven, Florida,which I am upgrading to a  teaching facility.  Two floors are available to accommodate small intimate groups with a full kitchen, two baths and 3 bedrooms for those staying overnight.

To date, I travel world-wide empowering anyone who wants to realize the potential we all possess as human beings to heal ourselves and the global community.  With such diverse skills, I am available to accommodate and empower your world!

Now you know all of this about me, please tell me how can I help you?