DSC01997My wonderful friend Linda Sawka has published her story of her transformation while dealing with cancer.  I am honored that she asked me to write the foreword. Here is what I had to say:

“In the course of miracles seen over forty years of practice, there are always patients who develop a special relationship and bond with their doctor to become friends.  As a Doctor of Chiropractic,  I have been  extremely blessed to be overflowing with patients who have touched me as deeply as I have touched them.  Linda Sawka is one of these extraordinary beings who make living so worthwhile.

We met in June of 2009 in Antigua when she came to the day spa for chiropractic care.  I fly to Antigua once a month from Dominica for a week of seeing patients.  Linda was very familiar with chiropractic care as she had been adjusted in the past and her nursing background afforded her easy conversation in technical terms that delighted both of us.  Linda was vey accepting of the wholistic approach I presented including, diet and nutrition, exercise and fitness, stress management, Reiki, muscle testing, among others.  As the rigors of her profession and traveling at times caused her stress, I was able to suggest self-help techniques for her to use on a regular basis.

After two years of seeing her once a month, Linda announced that her tumor markers had jumped which indicated a strong likelihood of recurrence of her granulosa cell tumor.  She was emotionally concerned at the serious ramifications of this as was I.  Some of our discussions were v ery deep about life’s purpose, dying, and loving.  We realized that when you have an “incurable disease”  you must go “inside” to cure it and work in some “invisible realms”.  We had long talks about how she felt in her body, to trust her intuitive wisdom and to put the lab tests  in context so as not to put all her trust in them only.

There were other times when the tumor markers were up and down, but Linda had committed to live her life, in the moment with as much joy, beauty, and laughter as she could create on a daily basis.  As Linda’s attitude improved dramatically, she found an online course to become an Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness coach.  I was extremely happy and supportive o f her decision.  I watched with infinite gratitude as this wonderful woman blossomed into a health advocate, NOT fighting against cancer, but living fully in the moment.  She even began to come into her appointments with no misalignment as her body worked at maximum efficiency.  It has been a spiritual transformation!

In her most current lab tests, the tumors have stopped growing, while Linda has begun even more growing by taking time to write a book of her incredible journey into the light of love and healing.  I applaud her dedication, joyfulness and above all I am honored to write the forward of her book.

What I know for sure is that all speed bumps on the journey and adventure called LIFE are by “Divine Design”.   Throughout our ongoing relationship, it became very clear that it “takes a village” to heal a soul.  Many people have played a part in this story and that is what makes it so rich and Linda so blessed.”





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