DSC01976Avocados are such a powerhouse of nutritional goodies. But most people either plant or ignore the large seed. However, did you know the seed contains more anti-oxidants (70%) than the flesh (30%)? The seed can provide our body with more soluble fiber than ANY OTHER FOOD!! In turn it reduces inflammation particularly swelling of the gastrointestinal tract. Hence, they eas diahrea and prevent and relieve constipaton. Get the picture?

Here is a list of more benefis of the seed: slows down the aging process by reducing age spots and wrinkles; strengthens the immune system; lowers blood glucose and food cravings; reduces bond diseases, joint discomforts and body aches and pains; the flavenols in the seed prevent and reduce tumor growths.

So here is how to receive such amazing benefits in 3 easy steps.

1. Place the seed in a plastic bag and crush with a meat mallet or hammer.

2. Place the crushed seed into a blender and grind to superfine powder.

3. Sprinkle over your food.

Voila!! Better health…..better life!

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