Now here’s a kicker. The shingles vaccine contains live, weakened [attenuated] varicella –zoster virus. It is 14 times as potent as the chicken pox vaccine.   Putting this potency into a more aged body that may have less defenses doesn’t make sense to me.

I’ve heard of elderly people getting shingles after having the vaccine. It isn’t fail safe and doesn’t reduce the risk of lingering pain if shingles does erupt. Since all vaccines are suspect until they‘ve been monitored for decades for long term dangers, this new vaccine is only  50% effective.

It is not suggested for people with medical conditions suppressing their immune systems such as organ transplant patients. The vaccine is also the most expensive at 200.00. Merck is the manufacturer and has the ingredients listed as:

Live attenuated varicella-zoster virus

31.16mg of sucrose [this is sugar]

15.88mg of hydrolyzed porcine [animal protein usually gelatin pork]

3.99mg of sodium chloride [salt]

0.62mg of MSG [monosodium glutamate a meat tenderizer suspected to cause toxic  headaches]

0.57mg of sodium phosphate dibasic [anti-caking additive]

0.10mg of potassium monobasic [laboratory reagent]

.10mg of potassium chloride [metal halide salt]

Residual components of MRC – 5 cell including DNA and protein, trace quantities of neomycin and bovine calf serum [MRC-5 is derived from lung tissue of a 14 week old fetus]   [Neomycin is an antibiotic]

[Bovine calf serum is baby cow’s blood]

Do you want to put these ingredients into your healthy body?

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