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Dr Janet Taylor is a Wholistic Chiropractor, Kinesiologist and Healer. She offers her services in person, online and through workshops and classes.


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‘Happiness is the Truth’ – Listen to the Show!

I recently presented a one hour radio program on Catholic Radio with host  Nazarene Gordan. The title of the program was “Happiness is the truth” You can listen to the show recording for free to find out: How are you blocking happiness in your life? What... read more

MannaFast Miracle

Mannafast Miracle is a remarkable journey by the author Dr. Samuel Christian as he explores some non-medical avenues of nutrition, exercise, attitude and spiritual focus to tackle obesity.  His style is one of a true friend who takes your hand and motivates you to... read more

Reversing Dyslexia

My amazing colleague and friend, Dr. Phyllis Books has published an informative and user friendly book REVERSING DYSLEXIA.  Yes, you read that right, Dr. Books can reverse this bewildering syndrome in only a few sessions!  Through a decade of research and using... read more

Online empowerment

   JJ Virgin Mindshare Summit in Tampa, Florida…..One of the featured speakers….Vishen Lakiani, founder of Mindvalley.com rocked the audience with his powerful presentation.                     I attended with colleague Dr. Phyllis Books.   The focus of... read more

Starry Jones Kicks Cancer’s Butt!

My wonderful friend Linda Sawka has published her story of her transformation while dealing with cancer.  I am honored that she asked me to write the foreword. Here is what I had to say: “In the course of miracles seen over forty years of practice, there are... read more

The Scoop on Avocados Part II

Avocados are such a powerhouse of nutritional goodies. But most people either plant or ignore the large seed. However, did you know the seed contains more anti-oxidants (70%) than the flesh (30%)? The seed can provide our body with more soluble fiber than ANY OTHER... read more

The Scoop on Avocados Part I

Avocado season is almost over here on Dominica. I’m feeling so blessed by the abundance off my tree. Being able to walk outside, extend a long pole “picker” and have avocados appear in my kitchen is very satisfying. There is so much nutritional... read more

Filming wellness on Dominica

In order to showcase the unique experience Dominica offers to the world of healing, Dominica-Spa, Health and Wellness Association (D-SHWA) in conjunction with several other organizations, filmed the alternative health care practitioners among the splendor of greenery,... read more

Mentoring in Chiropractic

Dr. Taylor hosts chiropractic student Aurore Lebrun (and mother Catherine), to receive credit toward her chiropractic degree. Aurore came from Guadaloupe after researching chiropractors near by and found Dr. Taylor was the closest. She and her mom spent the day... read more

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Take a Quantum Leap to Wellness!

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